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Genes of a Gypsy

gyp·sy [ˈjipsē]: One inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life.

I would make an excellent Gypsy. In fact I am certain my Northern Irish genes contain a bit of ubiquitous “Traveller” DNA somewhere in the depths of that genetic spiral. And I am most definitely “unconventional.” If I had my way, I would be on the road full-time, taking photos and writing volume after volume about the people and places I met along the way.

Lucy soaks up the moonlight at Cave Lake State Park, Ely, Nevada.

A few months ago we purchased a 1956 vintage travel trailer that had been refurbished by a couple in Colorado. She is a beauty and her name is Lucy. The minute we towed her home I was ready to hit the highway. I created a portable solar generator that could power her lights even if we were camping somewhere off the grid. I began to research satellite internet, GPS communication enhancers and even switched over to Verizon so I would have more nationwide coverage for my iPhone. I felt this overwhelming urge to sell it all and burn some rubber on the path towards endless adventure and new discoveries.

Lucy at the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

We had what I would call our “Gypsy practice run” in the month of August; almost three weeks of pure joy camping with Lucy in Nevada, Utah and Colorado. It all just felt so right. Spending several nights camped in different places while taking side trips to National parks, ghost towns, old mining districts and hiking trails. Wherever we went we met great people, some of them had the Gypsy gene themselves and were doing exactly what I wanted to do full-time. Oh how I envied them for acting on their dreams.

Lucy just outside of Moab, Utah.

For now I am back in the “real” world and submerged in the reality that is my current life. But as I sit here writing and glance out the window at Lucy as she rests in the driveway of this thankless city, I pause for a bit with a big smile on my face, a dream in my heart and listen to the whisper of the road that keeps calling to me. Someday soon that dream will be a reality. Someday soon.
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In Search of Open Spaces

Arches National Park

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2010.

Photo: Lots of open space in Arches National Park, Moab, UT.

There are times when I simply ache inside for open spaces.  The quiet, peaceful, desolate, expansive, breathtaking places void of human inhabitants.  No cars, no smog, no noise pollution.  Just the earth, the sky, the sun, the stars and of course my thoughts.  Not empty…not lonely…A place where the healing warmth of a sun exposed boulder works its way deep inside your tired bones as you stretch across it to watch the sky.  Where that same sky appears endless and as blue as the deepest ocean could ever be.  Where the only sounds are those of wild bird songs and your rhythmic breathing as it begins to move you into a mild, meditative state.  Arches National Park just outside of Moab, Utah is one of those places.  Filled with amazing sandstone formations spread out over 119 miles of open space, I felt as if I had stepped onto another planet.  Pure raw beauty that appealed to the deepest part of my soul.  As I stood silently below these massive rocks, I could make out the faint whispers of the ancients as the wind blew across the sandstone.  It is a place that reminded me of the beauty that exists on our planet.  It is a place that brought me back home to what matters most about life.

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