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“An All Too Familiar Reflection” on Socialdocumentary.net

My thesis project for my M.F.A. at the Academy of Art University consisted of twenty photographs which were edited down from over three years of work. I spent those three years out on the streets of several California cities shooting portraits of homeless individuals. In addition to my still portraits, I have multiple hours of raw video and audio interviews that I plan to one day weave together for a documentary multimedia piece.

This project has been very near and dear to my heart for a plethora of reasons and will continue to be a part of my life’s work for the remainder of my photography career. The strength and dignity I found in each of the individuals I met on the streets, served to remind me that we are not so different from one another. We are each human, with our own set of issues and frailties. It is through interaction with others that we become defined by way of a quiet recognition of our souls. When we look deep into the eyes of another, we cannot help but see ourselves staring back.

My series titled “An All Too Familiar Reflection: Portraits of the Homeless” is currently being featured on Socialdocumentary.net. You can view it by clicking on the screenshot below:

“Occupy Oakland” on Socialdocumentary.net

Although I have most recently found myself iPhoneography obsessed, I really do still take photographs with my “big girl” camera. But my focus tends to be on subjects a bit more serious such as homelessness, the flailing economy, terminal illness, etc. (thus my M.F.A. in Documentary Photography).

My Occupy Oakland series that I shot during the General Strike last year is currently being featured on both the Socialdocumentary.net website and in the most current edition of “Spotlight.”

You can view the series by clicking on the screenshot below.

Now back to my iPhone and downloading some additional camera Apps… 🙂