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Timber Men

The Timber Men. The burly men. The axe and chainsaw wielding men. The arbiters of a healthy forest.They prune and lift and fell when needed, like surgeons with their trusty tools.



At times they climb trees like Spiderman with their lengthy webs of rope. Just a little bit slower, and a lot more cautious. they face danger without much pause. 


Determined, they continue their dance towards the top.

Like Goliath, they possess a super human strength…

Whatever is taken, is given back , in order to enrich the cycle of life…

The Timber Men. The burly men. The axe and chainsaw wielding men. The super heroes of a sustainable forest.



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Color Me Beautiful

I had the pure joy of shooting a recent Color Run in Sacramento. I had heard about these crazy 5k runs where participants are covered along the route with a cornstarch powder that contains natural coloring. By the time they reach the finish line, the runners look like they were dipped in a rainbow tie-dye vat.

Honestly, I have never had such a fun time shooting anything as I did shooting this event. It was a colorful free-for-all that left everyone: photojournalists, participants and passive observers alike with a giant smile on their faces.

If you catch wind of a Color Run near you, I highly suggest you sign up now. It is a wonderful opportunity to throw off all the weight of the world and get back in touch with your inner-child.

Here is a little piece I put together with photos and video, all completely shot and edited on my iPhone.