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Lonesome Oak

Lone Oak

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2010.

Photo: A lone oak outside Plymouth, CA. 2010

There are times when something catches my eye in a certain moment in time when I know that I just have to shoot it. The oak tree in this photo was one of those moments.  We were driving through the gold country shooting pioneer cemeteries for an upcoming book project when our sunny day turned with an approaching storm.  We passed hundreds of wild oaks on our way to Fiddletown and suddenly I saw this lone oak atop a hill that had this amazing essence about it and knew we would have to stop on our way back after shooting Fiddletown when the light was better.  We finally reached the tree around 4:00pm when the sun was lower on the horizon and a wonderful cloud cover had formed in the background.  I decided to take multiple exposures of this scene and later merged them all into an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo to enhance the amazing light and shadows that existed in reality.

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