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Photomontage – The Butterfly Effect

Here is a new photomontage piece, “The Butterfly Effect,” I created with the mobile photography apps Juxtaposer, Pixlromatic, and PicFX. The elements for this image are all from photographs I shot with my iPhone in recent years, combined in Juxtaposer and texturized in Pixlromatic and PicFX. You can read my review of Juxtaposer in my last post here.

 **”The Butterfly Effect” – ©Tracy J Thomas, 2015. All rights reserved.**

Daguerreotype & Ambrotype Inspired Mirror & Glass iPrints


I first entered the world of iPhoneography after I stumbled across the iPhoneArt.com website. From the moment I opened the site I was hooked. I was blown away by the quality of art shot and edited on iPhones and iPads and displayed on IPA. I found inspiration, encouragement and friendship amongst this group of cutting edge artists. The first time I exhibited my iPhone art was at the LA Mobile Arts Festival in the Santa Monica Art Studios. It was one of the largest curated exhibits of mobile art to date, put on by the founders of iPhoneart.com, Daria Polichetti and Nate Park. The exposure for that event was global and it helped to legitimize the art form and create new opportunities for many of the artists who were on display.

Daria and Nate have decided to bring IPA to the next level and currently have a Kickstarter campaign that is very close to its goal. They have developed Ambrotype inspired iPrints that are printed directly onto glass blocks and Daguerreotype inspired iPrints that are printed directly onto mirrors or aluminum plates.

Check out the Kickstarter video and if you are moved to help them reach their goal, here is the link to the Kickstarter page.

An Ocean Full of Muses

In the psychological realm of dream interpretation, water is the harbinger of “emotion.” In the world of creativity, emotion is the motivator for the creation of meaningful art.

A “muse” is a person or object that provides creative inspiration to another. Whenever I wander along the shoreline, emotion makes its way to surface and I am transported into that deep creative mental space of artistic possibility.

I become embraced by an ocean full of muses.

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. “Blue Tide” – Apps used: vintage cam, perfecly clr, wood camera, scratchcam, snapseed

As I walk in the soft sand, I find myself hypnotized by the waves lapping at the shoreline and am somehow transported to another, simpler time in life.

I breathe more deeply.

I walk a bit more slowly.

I feel embraced by this endless body of water.

I feel powerful and so peaceful at the same time.

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. “Pathway to the Sea” – Apps used: vintage cam, perfectly clr, wood cam, scratchcam, lens light, modern grunge

From the North coast of California’s rocky formations formed over time by harsh winds and churning waves, to the white sands and azure blue waters of the Caribbean or Hawaii, I have been moved and touched by the oceans power quite often and with depth.

The ocean has been the place I have journeyed to when life became too stressful. It became my “safe place” in the midst of staring down my ugly childhood during therapy. It became my “happy place” when my son was young and I could sit for hours and watch him build castles in the sand and dodge the tide as it rolled onto shore. It has become my “creative space” in later life whenever I need to find my muse.

The following images are iPhoneography pieces I created after a recent trip to Northern California’s beautiful coast. The rocky shorelines found there are hypnotic and mysterious and have a way of conjuring mental images that at times exist outside the “norm.”

As I wandered those beautiful beaches, I found myself wondering about the people who have wandered there before me. I could of course peruse the historical photographic archives of the area in order to quell my curiosity, but why do that when I have such a vivid imagination?

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. “Rubber Band Man” – Apps used: vintage cam, juxtaposer, perfectly clr, snapseed, wood camera, picture show, scratchcam

“Rubber Band Man” was featured on Pixels: The Art of the iPhone on May 19th. The pixels site can be viewed here. If you view this blog post after May 20th, you can do a search for “Tracy Thomas” and you will find the list of my images that have been featured on Pixels over the last several months.

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. “On Pointe” – Apps used: vintage cam, juxtaposer, filter mania, picture show, scratchcam, modern grunge

“On Pointe” was chosen for Pixels: The Art of the iPhone on May 19th and was chosen as the “Pic of the Day” for Pixels this morning. You can view it here. (Again, just do a search for “Tracy Thomas” if you are reading this after May 20th).

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. “An Elephant’s Kiss” – Apps used: 645 pro, juxtaposer, wood camera, scratchcam, photoforge2

“An Elephant’s Kiss” made it into The App Whisperer’s Top 10 Showcase this morning and can be seen here. This piece was also chosen as a feature on Pixels: The Art of the iPhone this morning, here (click on Previous Entries at bottom of the page if it is no longer on the first page).

Mama’s Got a Brand New iPhone Art Website

For the sake of maintaining a professional division between my serious Documentary work and my more whimsical iPhone art, I have created a separate website for my iPhone pieces.

You can visit my new site, peruse my portfolio and even purchase prints by clicking on the screenshot below or by visiting www.tjthomas-iphoneart.com.

Those Sexy Italians

"Stella" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: snapseed, dynamic light, grunge, PE studio

There’s just something so damn sexy about Italian scooters. Oh Hell, let’s be honest, there’s something so damn sexy about Italians period.

Every time I drive through Sonoma my eyes are immediately drawn to this little import business that sits along Napa Street. They have a stable of imported Italian scooters all lined up along the edge of the sidewalk just begging to be taken for a ride. The muted colors, the smooth curves, the sparkling chrome and the shiny leather seats all work together to pull in the weak-willed, tongue wagging, potential consumer.

For a year now, I have been waging war with my ironclad willpower in an attempt to get myself to stop the car so I can run my hand along the cool, sensuous curves of one of these two-wheeled seductresses. My somewhat prudish willpower has always won that wrestling match. That is, until today.

Just say the word “Gelato” and my salivary glands begin to work overtime. Gelato aside, say the words “Italian espresso” and I would climb Mt. Everest to reach a steaming demitasse cup of that brain-cell stimulating goodness. Combine a scooter with Italian gelato or espresso and you will find me doing a u-turn on the busiest freeway in America in order to fulfill my fantasies.

"Drive Thru" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: snapseed, dynamic light, grunge, PE studio

Call it marketing genius. Call it savvy business know-how. Call it whatever you want. It worked. Right there, parked along Napa Street was a beautiful gold Vespa sporting a sexy wooden cutout balancing a tray of coffee with a sign overhead that said “Drive-thru.” When my eyes followed the arrow they fell first on a beautiful converted scooter with the word “Gelato” painted on the front.

"Gelato" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: snapseed, dynamic light, grunge, PE studio, lenslight

But be still my heart. Just to the left of the Gelato scooter was a converted Lambretta trike that was serving fresh Italian espresso. I thought I had died and gone off to Heaven.

"Cafe Scooteria" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: snapseed, dynamic light, grunge, PE studio

So what did I do? I threw out my willpower, flipped a you-ee, grabbed my iPhone and stumbled out of my car. All of my Italian fantasies assembled in one tiny parking lot? Absolutely unbelievable. La vita è Bella!

Abstract Surrealism with an iPhone

"Trapped in Blue" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: Slow Shutter, PE Studio, Grunge

If I had the patience to paint, the resulting images would undoubtedly fall into the category of “abstract surrealism” with hints of my subconscious thoughts springing forth through the mish-mash of color and quasi-recognizable shapes. They would most likely be painted with earthy tones, lots of shadows, lacking detail and with some tiny smidgen of light attempting to break through the darkness. That’s not only due to my lack of command for the medium, but it is what I would desire to paint if I could.

Hmmmm… sounds like the perfect recipe for a little Jungian analysis.

One thing I have discovered with my new-found iPhoneography obsession is the ability to create pieces that appease both my need to photograph and my desire to express the deeper, more subconscious-based emotion that tends to drive my artistic angst. Something I could certainly do by spending endless hours with my “big girl” camera and Photoshop. But in far less time, I am able to create pieces on my iPhone that match an emotion or feeling when it strikes. Something I have accomplished by using my DSLR, however it usually takes many months and endless nights of no sleep, before I finally get the photo that says what I was feeling.

The simple act of whipping out my iPhone when the moment seizes and losing myself in the manipulation of an image with several Apps, seems to cleanse a lot of internal wasted space and transforms me into a manic creativity machine. I find it easier to write, easier to plan my life, easier to come up with conceptual ideas for new photography series shot with my “big girl” camera, and I feel an immediate sense of peace.

"White Noise" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: Slow Shutter, Grunge, Decim8 and Snapseed

Who knew this little rectangular piece of metal, glass and plastic would replace my therapist? The simple act of spontaneous creation has a way of alleviating all that blasted, unnecessary white noise that clutters up my brain. All the oft-jumbled “junk” that squats inside my subconscious finally has a pathway to the exit. Who cares if anyone else “understands” these abstract creations? It’s “art” I say…

And it is so much cheaper than therapy…