Lost in the Woods


I just spent ten glorious days “lost” in the woods of North Idaho. This was my first vacation in over two years since dealing with West Nile Virus and then treatment for skin cancer. It felt so good to get far away from the house that had become my hermit’s cave and sanctuary during my illness and treatment. The beauty that surrounded me in Idaho seemed magnified tenfold and I couldn’t stop exclaiming “It’s so pretty here!” As those who have read my book “Zen in the Garden” know, I have always found peace and healing through nature. Following my recent struggles, that desire to reconnect with the earth for a bit of healing has been foremost on my mind.


It was so nice to sit in a quiet place void of the noise pollution of an urban environment for hours at a time. The sound of birdsong and of the wind as it rustled through the pines created the perfect symphony for my tired soul. Each day I could feel my body relax even more than the day before as the stressors of everyday life became nothing more than a fading shadow inside my reawakened mind. I felt present. Mindful. Embraced by what truly matters in this life. I felt alive and happy as I touched the earth and opened my eyes to its simple yet elegant gifts.


As we wandered the woods that surrounded our little log cabin I knew without a doubt that this was where I belonged. It all seemed so familiar to me. It was as if a piece of myself had spent my entire life wandering under that beautiful, peaceful canopy while the other parts had struggled to exist in the chaos of a world quite foreign to my soul. My childhood was spent in an environment similar to this place but I chose to leave it at the age of 18 to pursue a college degree and make my way out in the “real” world. That world has proven to be both rewarding and cruel. I have often felt myself struggle to fit in when my heart keeps telling me to run back into the woods where I belong.


This trip into the woods healed me in more ways than I can explain with words. It brought me peace and it brought me hope. It provided me with a renewed sense of motivation. The wheels are now in motion to make my way back into the woods for good where I can embrace nature for the remainder of my life. No matter how long it takes to reach that goal, I now know it is going to happen. I can’t wait…



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6 responses to “Lost in the Woods

  • madgew1031

    As always I love your peaceful reminders to go where you need to be. Loved the photos.

  • Willena Flewelling

    This beautiful, Tracy! You are blessed to have had the opportunity to spend this time in the woods. I have read that while out in nature, ADD does not exist even for the person who has it (like me). I have found that to be true. We live out in the country in northern Alberta, half a mile from our nearest neighbour, so I don’t have to go far to be away from the house, the computer, and the cares of daily living. A ride on my bike… a walk down the road… Signs of people are all around with the fields, cattle, and occasional vehicle. Most of the year, I could be out for two hours and see only one or two vehicles. So, while it’s not the woods of Idaho, it’s not a bad substitute for every day.

    • tracyth76

      Thank you Willena :). I too have some attention deficits and when I am out in nature I feel very focused. It is definitely great therapy for the soul. It sounds like you live in a beautiful place and have ample opportunities to enjoy nature yourself.

  • HoodaK

    Hi Tracy! This is the first time I visit your blog and I am loving it already 🙂 I love photography just like you and I really enjoyed this post. This looks like such a peaceful place.

    Nature is an amazing thing and I too feel overwhelmed by its beauty every time I am in the wild.

    Thanks for sharing this,

    • tracyth76

      Hi Hooda – so glad you enjoyed this post. Nature has and always will be my favorite place to de-stress. In fact I am heading back into the woods again next week :).

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