Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Day 39 to 46

I took a much needed break from all things related to skin cancer following my last post on day 38. My skin has still been in the process of healing over these last eight days and I am just now beginning to look closer to my “normal” self. My forehead has continued to peel and itch and still, after eight weeks, has feint red lines criss-crossing like little pathways on a roadmap. The rest of my face from the nose down looks pretty good but it is still a slight pink and turns a deeper red most evenings. Fortunately my eyebrow hairs and the hair on my head stopped falling out as soon as I stopped treatment.

**Almost back to normal.**


My energy level has improved although I still have occasional bouts of nausea that I believe is due to my body’s efforts to rid itself of the last remaining traces of Fluorouracil.

Over Christmas I had my first real trip away from the house in seven weeks and it was heavenly. After being inside for so long everything seemed so fresh and new and fabulous. We even had a white Christmas with a dusting of snow that was the perfect ending to this whole stressful and painful ordeal.


When I look back on the past four months from the date of my first surgery, I realize everything I have been through has changed me. I feel the need to embrace the beautiful things in life more and let go of all the crap. I desire to live more fully now instead of putting everything off until later in life when I am too old and tired (or sick) to enjoy it. Although my skin cancer experience so far has not been as harrowing and life threatening as what some individuals have faced, it has definitely rattled my psyche to the point of affecting change. I truly do see things differently now and I appreciate what I have much more than I did before.

I plan to continue to make occasional skin cancer posts moving forward as I have my follow up scans and appointments or should anything new arise. I will also post a timelapse of my face over the course of Fluorouracil treatment as soon as it is clear again. For now I will get back to my regular posting about photography, writing and art.

Thank you all for following along on this journey. Your kind words and support helped to make the pain and tedium so much easier to deal with. You are each appreciated more than I can ever put into words.

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7 responses to “Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Day 39 to 46

  • Alice Keys

    Yes. Something like this does change you.

    It’s good to see you back and that you are feeling better. Happy New Year. ((HUGS))


  • Madgew

    So glad to see you getting back to life and your new normal with lots of sunblock. Looking forward to more photos and earrings.

  • dianetavegia

    Oh my! I’m only doing an area on one side of my 65 year old nose and at day 3, it’s barely pink but my doctor said to use it only one time a day. I’ll see him on day 21. I never went to a tanning salon but grew up on the beach in Alabama so I’m sure there’s loads of damage but at my age, I couldn’t go through what you’ve gone through! Just reading your blog made me want to wash it off and go ask for him to freeze it. He was in the middle of moving offices and had me see a primary who gave me the cream, I called my derm and he said ‘go for it’, but not twice a day and we’ll see if it even reacts. Again, I could never endure what you’ve gone through. I’ve had colon cancer (then a spread to a small spot on my liver) and have become quite the sissy!

    Hope you never, ever have another bad spot anywhere on your body!

    • tracyth76

      Hi Diane, thank you for your kind comments. Yes, it was very intense and not something I wish on anyone. My mom went through spot treatment like you are going through and she did fine. She said it became a bit uncomfortable but nothing like the reaction when doing the whole face. So hang in there :).

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