Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Day 25 through 28

The last four days have shown steady improvement and healing from my nose down. The Aquaphor has definitely been the savior for the severely dry skin after ending the Fluorouracil. My face from the nose down has continued to blister, peel, burn and itch since stopping the Fluorouracil on Tuesday and today is the first day with a significant decrease in inflammation.

My forehead is a different story. Today marks four weeks of treatment with Fluorouracil on my forehead and I still have one more week to go. It is finally beginning to reach the major inflammation stage and is beginning to burn like a mutha’. At least I know what to expect after living through Hell with the rest of my face.

**Here is a grid with photos from days 25-28 that shows the inflammation diminishing from the nose down. Ah, progress!**

Today, day 28, has been a mixture of feeling happy that my entire face is no longer in pain 24 hours a day, super tired from the wear and tear of this whole ordeal, hopeful with the knowledge I only have one more week on the Fluorouracil (which I am now calling “my poison”), and bored after being holed up inside this house for way too long (I want so badly to go outside and run down the street like a crazy lady in the rain).

The last few days I noticed another side effect from the chemo. I have begun to lose my eyebrow hairs. I now wake up every morning with new eyebrow hairs stuck to the Aquaphor on my cheeks. Oh goody I say. Just one more thing to make me prettier than I am at the moment.

This afternoon I had a window of time where I actually felt good enough to play with clay again. The majority of the past four weeks I have not been able to do much at all except to sit and read and write. Whenever I attempted to do any other projects they were short lived because of the pain and discomfort and general feeling of exhaustion due to lack of sleep. So, if you will be going through this treatment for your whole face I strongly advise you to get all important projects completed before you begin.

**Something pretty to look at besides my face :). They will be up on my Etsy shop soon. (Another shameless plug. But a girl has to make money somehow when she is incapacitated :).**

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel but it just takes a long time to reach it. I will let you know when I finally get there…

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