Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Day 12


This morning I look and feel like a Meth Head between hits. My face feels swollen and it is painful to open my mouth to talk or eat. I have giant, puffy rings under my eyes due to lack of sleep and it feels like a tiny Gremlin is running around on my face poking it with a million little needles.

Yes, this is one of those not so good days in this treatment cycle. I ordinarily have a high tolerance for pain, however this treatment experience delivers a pretty constant level of pain that just gets to you after awhile. I can understand today why a lot of people tell their doctors they can’t continue with the entire regimen. But I intend to keep plugging for my remaining time on the drug because I feel the alternative is not a smart one for me based on the amount of nasty cells it has already uncovered on my face.

**The uber tired me after a sleepless night of discomfort and nausea.**


I haven’t been able to accomplish much of anything the past three days. But the one thing I have been able to do faithfully is write. I am still hammering away at the NaNoWriMo challenge and am just 10,000 words away from reaching the goal of 50,000 words. At least I will have a rough draft of a novel at the end of all this if nothing more.

**Here is a closeup of the spots on the right side of my face that are the most sensitive.**


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