Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Day 9

I decided to write this post earlier in the day today since I tend to feel worse during the evenings for some reason. Yesterday was not a good day as you could probably tell by my post. It was the first day where my face began to turn red in addition to the multiple spots that had shown up on days 6 & 7. My face literally went from feeling uncomfortably itchy in the morning to burning like it was on fire by the afternoon. It was not fun and I know I haven’t even gotten to the “fun” part yet in this cycle.


So far today my face is not burning as much however I have a pretty constant headache and some nausea this a.m. My face feels extra dry even with the cream base of the Fluorouracil and it is starting to hurt when I open my mouth.

With the exception of yesterday, so far it has been bearable and I know the outcome of subjecting myself to this uncomfortable and at times painful experience will be a positive one. I would much rather eradicate the “Little Nasties” now than have to go through multiple Mohs surgeries on my face in the future. I know this will not be my last time using Fluorouracil as my Dermatologist told me as much due to the amount of UV damage I have on my skin. I was also one of the stupid people, yes I said “stupid,” who chose to tan in a tanning booth when I was in my twenties. Crossing my fingers that something worse like Melanoma does not grow out of that poor decision from my past.

Onward and upward!

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