Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Days 6 & 7

Yesterday, day 6 on Fluorouracil, my face burned a lot throughout the day. My skin was a little bit pinker but for the most part looked the same as day 5. But if felt different, as if things were beginning to happen beneath the surface.

This morning, day 7, I woke up to around four dozen deep red spots on both cheeks, my nose, around my mouth and on my forehead. The majority of these spots were not visible prior to application of Fluorouracil so I assume these are the “Little Nasties” that were lurking beneath the surface of my skin all this time just waiting to turn into cancerous lesions. The spots look angry, like they are really pissed off at me for attempting to eradicate them. Meh, let them be pissed. I don’t want to go through surgery again so flame away!

(Photo: pissed off angry spots on my right cheek and side of my face)


My face was more uncomfortable today with a pretty consistent burning similar to a mild sunburn intermixed with itching. It took a lot to keep myself from touching and scratching my face today. I am also feeling extra tired the last few days. Sleeping pretty well so far but it’s as if my body is working overtime to deal with the reaction happening on my face.

I dislike being so hyper-focused on something like my face. But being a slave to this treatment means I need to plan my days around the timing of the applications and how I am feeling. That means thinking about my face, staring at my face, taking photos of my face, wanting to scratch off my face, trying to hide my face in public, writing about my face, dreaming about my face being pressed against a hot iron… you get the idea.

I realize this is only the beginning and I have not reached the worse part yet. But I keep trying to focus on the rewards – a decrease in the chance of another surgery and as my Dermatologist says, when it’s all over I will have a face as “smooth as a baby’s butt.” Yes he said that. He really did :-).

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