Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Day 3

This is day 3 of Fluorouracil treatment. I now have what looks like a mild case of acne, especially on my forehead. I also have a small blister forming on the side of my nose right where my glasses sit. My forehead and cheeks are a light pink and my forehead burns a bit, although so far it’s tolerable.

**I am bravely displaying my naked face below for documentation purposes only in the name of science ;-).**


I feel like a little kid impatiently waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. Although I would much rather receive the pony I’ve always wanted instead of the “gift” I am about to unwrap after applying this chemical to my face two times a day. As I wrote in my first post, I know most people don’t react to the drug until around the sixth day. The waiting is the most difficult part. I don’t like unknowns. I just want the drug to kick in and do its thing so I know what I have to deal with.

The positive part of all this is my sudden sense of urgency to finish up projects before the hard part gets here. Yesterday I hit the halfway point for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I have already written 25,014 words of my novel in 11 days. The goal is to reach 50,000 by the last day in November. At this pace I should reach the goal by November 22nd. This cancer thing has definitely been the impetus for me to keep my nose to the grindstone and write like a Mother_____er (well, you know).


I am also a bit less irritable today because I made a point to set some time aside for a bit of clay play. I love creating jewelry and other goodies with polymer clay. The act of squashing and rolling and mixing and folding the clay in my hands is very therapeutic. Losing myself in the act of creating a design is a great way to forget about the stressors that have recently consumed me.

Today’s design I called “Superstar” for everyone who has to endure the more difficult things in life.


In an hour I will don the glove and spread another dose of the cream all over my face. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. Maybe it won’t. Regardless, I think I will buy myself that pony after all of this is over.

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One response to “Skin Cancer Treatment – Fluorouracil Day 3

  • brosen2014

    Interesting about the spot on your nose where your glasses sit. My husband uses fluorouracil annually and every time he uses it, the worst blistering/scabbing on his face ends up being right where his CPAP face straps sit on his face. Maybe the skin ends up being a little more sensitive? Best of luck with your treatment and sending good thoughts your way.

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