Fine Art and Good Wine

"Palapa at El Paraiso" - ©Tracy J Thomas, 2014. All rights reserved.

“Palapa at El Paraiso” – ©Tracy J Thomas, 2014. All rights reserved.

I don’t often do this but think this is an awesome promotion put together by Fine Art America and It also provides me with an opportunity to shamelessly promote my work for sale. Of course any purchase of my work helps to offset some of the costs I am incurring for cancer treatment above and beyond what my insurance currently covers.


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.56.07 PM

If you are a wine and fine art lover or you know somebody who is, if you purchase any one of my prints (any size and style) during the month of July from the link below you will instantly receive a $100 OFF certificate for To use the certificate you must be a new customer to NakedWines and it can only be applied towards wine purchases of $160 or more.

Even if you don’t drink wine you can always re-gift the certificate at the holidays. Better yet, give your loved one a fine art print and you can put your feet up and drink that $160 worth of wine that you bought for just $60 (plus whatever you spent on the print) :-).


“When you place an order on Fine Art America, we’ll e-mail you a $100 gift certificate from… instantly. It doesn’t matter how large your order is on Fine Art America. If you order a single greeting card, you’ll still receive the gift certificate.

Once you receive the gift certificate, all you have to do is visit, enter in your gift certificate code, buy some wine, and you’re done! Then, just sit back and wait for the wine to arrive on your doorstep. If the logistical stars are in alignment, maybe your wine and your order from Fine Art America will arrive at the same time!”

Below is the link to my Fine Art America store where you can order prints. I have also included the promotion information link on FAA. Who knows, you might also find some other wonderful artists’ work on the Fine Art America site worth collecting or promoting.

To buy a print and receive your certificate click here:

For more information on the promotion click here:

NOTE: I most definitely will not hold it against you if you decide to share this blog post with all of your friends across the globe and on every one of your social media accounts. Honest I won’t and cheers!

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