iCreate Magazine Interview

©iCreate Magazine.

Photo ©iCreate Magazine.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Features Editor of iCreate Magazine.  iCreate is a print magazine based in the UK with a large circulation that focuses on everything related to Mac computers, iPhones and iPads.  The Features Editor came across my portfolio on iPhoneArt.com and sent me an email with the desire to feature me in one of their upcoming issues.

I was surprised and honored to say the least.  I continue to shake my head with amazement over the amount of exposure I have received for my work since I purchased my iPhone about a year and one half ago.  And to think I never thought I would take a single photography with my phone since I was a diehard DSLR user.  This whole experience has taught me to remain open to the possibilities in all forms of new technology.  I can’t wait now to play more with video and video editing once I upgrade to an iPhone 5, just to see where that experience might lead…

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2 responses to “iCreate Magazine Interview

  • Alice Keys

    You go girl! I can’t wait to read the interview. Be sure to post a link (if possible) or cut and paste your favorite parts into your blog. Alice

  • speeddemon2

    Very inspiring article; I am very happy for you. As a fellow photographer and blogger I keep telling my friends that the best thing I have done for my art is starting a blog; I have had so many opportunities surface simply because I am sharing my work with others each day. Thanks for reinforcing that and congratulations on your iCreate feature.

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