Readying Myself for a Knock-Out-Drag-Down Brawl With All You Self-Appointed Body Snatchers

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved

(*Trigger alert*)

I am a woman and I am pissed off.

No, I’m not just pissed off. I am frothing at the mouth angry over all the recent insidious and self-serving comments about rape and a woman’s right to choose made by a bunch of blathering, wrinkly-faced, Cialis-dependent male politicians.

Well, maybe not frothing at the mouth, but I am pretty damn angry.

No war on women? You had better believe there is a war being waged on women by right-wing conservative males with control issues. It continues to rear its ugly head during the recent political campaign and unfortunately won’t subside until women take a united stand to shut them the Hell up.

It feels as if our country has suddenly fallen into some black hole and has been sucked back in time to the 1950’s.

For those of you who were fortunate enough not to live through it, this was the time when a woman’s place in the world was well-defined. This was the era of the Stepford Wife. A woman’s job was to bear children, feed her husband, and stroke his ego (among other things), without ever giving consideration to her own needs.

There were a whole lot of aprons and meatloaf and women who greeted their bread-winner husbands at the door with a martini in one hand and a pair of slippers in the other. Women had of course barely earned the right to vote, so they relied heavily on the instruction of their husbands who told them how to cast their votes.

It all seemed a bit trivial back then, this voting thing, because women of course were living in a state of misogynist-induced bliss…

Education is power.

Ignorance and the spreading of untruths are the weapons of those who seek power over others.

Educated women are the bane of those men who seek to control them.

When women took a step forward and began to seek an education and a fulfilling career, they realized there was far more to life than mopping linoleum floors, vacuuming the shag carpet, and spitting out babies from their overly spent uteri.

Women have found their power, and that has pissed off a whole lot of misogynistic men.

It is clearly not just about the issue of abortion. These self-righteous bastions of “morality” who believe they have the right to dictate what a woman does with her body, are also attacking access to birth control and reproductive healthcare.

This feels vaguely familiar to me. Snatch the woman’s right to choose back away from her so she will go back to pumping out babies and serve the single purpose that “God” created her to fulfill. Oh and while she is birthing and caring for all those blessed bundles of joy, I the man, will once again stand tall with my ego intact because she failed to block my sacred seed.

All will be well with the world when a woman is back in her place… You know, that place where a man has his hands all up inside her uterus.

And now these behemoths of righteousness have the audacity to announce to the world that a child conceived of rape or incest is really a “gift from God” and a “blessing.”

For Christ’s sake. Really???? Do you constantly walk around this world with your heads up your asses or what?

As you can probably assume, the proclamations of these ignorant little men really did me in. Their flagrant insensitivity caused me to come forward swinging hard with both fists. It was a flailing mad, deep guttural growling while gritting my teeth so I don’t spit on anyone kind of angry.

Yeah… those insensitive remarks made by a variety of out-of-touch men, kind of triggered something deep inside of me. A kind of rage…

Rape and incest are not crimes of passion you see; they are crimes of domination and control. The majority of the perpetrators are men. These men have a desire to dominate their victim’s bodies and eviscerate their very souls.

There is nothing gentle or tender or loving or blessed or gift-like about incest or rape.

It is ugly. It is vile. And it wreaks havoc on a woman’s psyche for a very long time.

I know.

It is so very convenient for these men to bring “God” into the conversation. How else could they possibly justify denying an abortion to a woman or a child who was forced into pregnancy outside of her will during an act of rape or incest?

Do they really want to force this woman or child to carry this fetus to term and then bring it into this world? The traumatic memories of the vile event that lead to that pregnancy are horrific enough. Now they want to add to the power of the perpetrator by forcing a victim to feel that unwanted baby while it grows and moves inside of her on a daily basis, even when she doesn’t want it to?

On top of it all, 31 states in our country reward the rapist by giving them legal custody and visitation rights. That’s right. Once again, they empower the perpetrator and eviscerate the soul of the victim.

These people have tailored the definition of God to fit their own needs and their own agenda. This is definitely not my God and I would never serve theirs.

The God they speak of is the God of the 1950’s. The one who conveniently created all women for the single purpose of receiving the seed of man, even the rapists, in order to bear his children. The same God they say created a man to serve as ruler over the household. The King over all. The decision maker. The bread-winner. The all-powerful, consummate Dick.

One thing these holier-than-thou female body snatchers don’t seem to remember is women have the right to vote. In fact, women fought for over 70 years and suffered arrests, beatings, harassment, and torture at the hands of men, so each one of us would have the opportunity to be involved in the legislative process.

It is our responsibility as women to rock that vote and to fight for our rights collectively.

No judgement here, just consider your conscience and ask yourself how you would feel if you were the one who was brutally raped. And yes, rape is rape is rape is rape, as incest is incest. It is ALL “legitimate.” There are no categories as some men would like you to believe and absolutely no magical physical process in the body that shuts down conception if it is a “legitimate” rape.

Better yet, just imagine how you would feel if you were twelve years old and brutally raped by your own father. All you could do after the attack was puke your guts out while draped over the toilet and sop up the blood from your torn hymen.

Then just imagine how you would feel if you found out you were pregnant with your own father’s baby. Then you were told you had no choice but to carry that child to term.

I doubt very much you would view it as a “blessing from God.”

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5 responses to “Readying Myself for a Knock-Out-Drag-Down Brawl With All You Self-Appointed Body Snatchers

  • Madgew

    Tracy, I am sharing this with everyone I know. You speak the truth and I am so glad you find the power within you every day to shout to the rafters what every women should be shouting. Show your power and vote. I fought hard for women’s rights and I will go down fighting even harder to never return to those times. Thanks for sharing your words. I know it took years for you to discover you were not at fault, EVER.

  • Hollye Dexter

    I am with you, Tracy. One of my best friends in High School was brutally raped at knifepoint and became pregnant. She was too ashamed to tell her parents- her mother was such an overprotective worrywart she thought it would kill her. She went through the abortion alone. Can you imagine if she had to carry the baby to term? Can you imagine if she had to “prove” that the baby was a product of rape in order to have the abortion? I told this story to my pro-life Baptist preacher father and even he is now thinking differently about the whole subject.

    This is a hard time for us, as women, but keep Ghandi’s quote in mind: “First they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  • Ethel

    Thank you for your courage, outrage, and eloquence! Together breaking the silence on these matters and just as importantly going beyond these elections, we need a new vision of America where these vile acts and words of cowards defending these acts of violence become a part of the dust bins of history. Your words echo the experiences of sooo many women. I’m reminded once again of the need for a new transformative movement aimed at building a society where all the people matter, where economic justice, security and healing are an integral part of our new operating system. For me that means building a cooperative society where we all might thrive and not merely survive! Peace, compassion, and justice!

    P.S. I post this with someone near to my heart in mind. My grandma was a black farm woman from Alabama. She was brutalized and beaten from 13 to 54. Her tormentor was a man who presented a different face to me as a child. I’ve had occasion to speak of her torment I learned about as an adult. Recently I learned that she was beaten to death by my grandfather.

    • tracyth76


      Thank you so much for supportive comments and for sharing your story with me. Heartbreaking…

      I so very much love your vision for America. It would be so wonderful to see that in our lifetime. Here’s to continually moving forward!


  • melindallas

    Why in the hell do old, wealthy white men think they have any idea what should happen to a pregnant very young girl? They can never place themselves in her shoes, no matter how much they try, and no matter how she came to be pregnant. And, by the way, where are all the right-to-life folks when an unwanted child sits in group homes (orpanages) or foster homes? If they care about keeping children alive, then take care of the ones who are here. This society has too many thrown-away children. And, as an aside, how come some who proclaim themselves to be right-to-life believers are willing to kill humans who are abortion providers? What about their right to life?

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