A Timelapse Video & MPA Gallery

The wonderful crew at the Lunch Box Gallery in Miami put together this fun time-lapse video of the opening night for the iPhoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs show. I have two pieces exhibiting in this cutting edge group event, “UFO Refueling Station” and “Gelato” which can both be seen in previous posts on this blog. The show has been so successful it has been extended through May 7th. So if you are in Miami, swing on by the gallery in the Wynwood Art District.

I was also pleased to have my piece “No Diving” chosen as a featured photo in the Mobile Photography Awards Weekly Gallery. You can view it along with many other wonderful iPhone photos here: http://the-mpas.com/the-mpa-weekly-gallery-march-18-25/

©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. "Time Flies" - Apps used: vintage cam, juxtaposer, modern grunge

To top it all off, my piece “Time Flies” (above), was chosen as a featured photograph this week on the site Pixels: The Art of the iPhone curated by Knox Bronson. And I will be making my international debut this afternoon in the “Physical Streams” exhibit at the Overpass Gallery in Loano, Italy (more on that in a future blog post).

Who would have thought that this handheld piece of communication equipment they call an iPhone would lead to such wonderful surprises in the art world? If you had mentioned the possibility to me a year ago, I would have self-righteously laughed you out of the room with the belief nothing could compare to a professional DSLR for capturing stunning images. But what I have found, along with the multitude of more polished iPhoneographers out there, the iPhone is a wonderful and freeing tool that allows the hidden parts of your creative soul to make their way to the surface.

I love this new obsession! And I cannot wait to see where it leads…

If you would like to take a peek at my ever-building portfolio or even purchase a print or two, please feel free to visit my new iPhone art website by clicking here.

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I am a professional photographer, obsessed iPhoneographer, freelance writer and website designer located in Northern, California. View all posts by tracyth76

One response to “A Timelapse Video & MPA Gallery

  • madgesw

    You are so creative in whatever you find to use with cameras, iphones and whatever other gadgets. Love all your work.

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