Floating on the Edge of my Imagination

"UFO Refueling Station" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: vintage cam, lenslight

A few evening’s ago, I decided to take a run along the deep water channel, which is now known as the “Barge Canal.” When I run, I carry my iPhone since it is loaded with this cool pedometer app that measures my overall mileage, elevation gain, average speed, average pace, etc. The perfect training tool for my running ventures.

The only problem I have with running along the canal is my desire to stop every half mile in order to take a photo with my iPhone. There’s just something about the Barge Canal and the Port in particular that captures my attention and my imagination.

While running, I stumbled across five short yellow posts that surrounded two large concrete circles with candy-cane shaped pipes on either end. This strange configuration of metal and cement sat in a clearing of dirt at the edge of a row of trees. This odd patch of color and geometric shapes simply begged for me to shoot it.

I am certain there is some logical engineering explanation for my find. Of course my creative mind immediately took the leap to UFO landing pad. So when I got home I had to add my interpretation of some mysterious craft hovering off in the treeline by way of the LensLight app.

"Lightning Rod" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: vintage cam, lenslight, grunge, filterstorm

Further up the trail sat a tall pole with multiple lights balanced on top with a fenced-in generator at its base. With no other light poles around, it seemed so out-of-place. I imagine it is used for lighting up the bank of the channel when one of the big ships come in to the port on the opposite side, but when I looked at its silhouette against the approaching stormy sky, all I could think about was lightning rods. Thus the addition of the lightning bolt via another app.

"Canal" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: dynamic light, grunge, PE studio

The canal is home to a number of rowers and scullers from local clubs and universities. Though there were no boats out this particular evening, with the sun low on the horizon, the treeline reflected beautifully in the undisturbed water. It reminded me of a bucolic landscape from long ago where one would expect a young couple with bonnet and top hat to be rowing along the bank with a picnic in tow. Thus the more sepia-toned processing to add a feeling of reminiscence.

"Fisherman" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: vintage cam, grunge, snapseed

Where there is water, there are usually fish. On my way back to my car, an older gentleman clambered up the bank just ahead of me. He was pulling a little cart that held a fishing pole, a net and some gear. I walked behind him for a bit until he stopped at a bench along the path to rest. As I passed, he smiled and nodded. When I asked him if he had caught anything he shrugged his shoulders and said “no fish” and “no English” with a thick Russian accent. I pointed to my iPhone and mimed the click of a shutter button with the raising of my eyebrows in question. He shook his head yes and stood for the photograph.

I imagined him sitting next to a fire on a frozen river in Russia while he dropped his line through a hole he had cut into the thick ice while his family sat bundled up in their small house waiting for him to come home with his catch after a long day of fishing near the Caspian Sea.

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