Abstract Surrealism with an iPhone

"Trapped in Blue" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: Slow Shutter, PE Studio, Grunge

If I had the patience to paint, the resulting images would undoubtedly fall into the category of “abstract surrealism” with hints of my subconscious thoughts springing forth through the mish-mash of color and quasi-recognizable shapes. They would most likely be painted with earthy tones, lots of shadows, lacking detail and with some tiny smidgen of light attempting to break through the darkness. That’s not only due to my lack of command for the medium, but it is what I would desire to paint if I could.

Hmmmm… sounds like the perfect recipe for a little Jungian analysis.

One thing I have discovered with my new-found iPhoneography obsession is the ability to create pieces that appease both my need to photograph and my desire to express the deeper, more subconscious-based emotion that tends to drive my artistic angst. Something I could certainly do by spending endless hours with my “big girl” camera and Photoshop. But in far less time, I am able to create pieces on my iPhone that match an emotion or feeling when it strikes. Something I have accomplished by using my DSLR, however it usually takes many months and endless nights of no sleep, before I finally get the photo that says what I was feeling.

The simple act of whipping out my iPhone when the moment seizes and losing myself in the manipulation of an image with several Apps, seems to cleanse a lot of internal wasted space and transforms me into a manic creativity machine. I find it easier to write, easier to plan my life, easier to come up with conceptual ideas for new photography series shot with my “big girl” camera, and I feel an immediate sense of peace.

"White Noise" ©Tracy J. Thomas, 2012. All rights reserved. Apps: Slow Shutter, Grunge, Decim8 and Snapseed

Who knew this little rectangular piece of metal, glass and plastic would replace my therapist? The simple act of spontaneous creation has a way of alleviating all that blasted, unnecessary white noise that clutters up my brain. All the oft-jumbled “junk” that squats inside my subconscious finally has a pathway to the exit. Who cares if anyone else “understands” these abstract creations? It’s “art” I say…

And it is so much cheaper than therapy…

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