UC Davis Rally – The Pepper Spray Incident

Here is a multimedia piece I created for the iPinion Syndicate following the rally on the UC Davis campus that was held to address the pepper spraying incident of a group of peaceful student protestors. The rally featured a number of student speakers who were targeted with pepper spray by the campus police.

The general assembly put forth a demand for the resignation of Chancellor Katehi during the rally. Chancellor Katehi also spoke briefly to the crowd and offered nothing more than a feeble apology.

Since the rally there have been more than 100,000 signatures gathered asking for the resignation of the Chancellor.

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2 responses to “UC Davis Rally – The Pepper Spray Incident

  • Madge

    As always right on. Loved this. I think the Chancellor should resign.

  • Bill Tracy

    Thanks, Tracy. Love the B & W — reminiscent of pre-WWII Germany.

    The militarization of police in this country has been going on for a long time now. Apparently, it’s complete when university campus police practice chemical warfare on peacefully assembled students.

    The half-million dollar woman needs to go.

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