Arrogant Bastardry

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There is only one thing in this world that causes me to transform into a fiery mad, post-menopausal, middle-aged Irish woman with a strong sense of justice.

That thing is arrogant bastardry.

Lately, there has been a whole lot of that floating around in our country. Case in point:

1. The banks knowingly issued a plethora of extremely risky loans with the intent to immediately sell them off. With full knowledge of how bad these loans were, they then chose to run out on the market to place gigantic monetary bets against said loans. Kind of a crap shoot where the dices were loaded and the gambler was assured a big win. Then it all blew up in their faces and Wall Street knowingly unloaded these bad loans into foreign funds, local unions, pension funds and basically anything and everything that would effect taxpayers and not their high level investors. And they did it with much glee while running around the exchange room floor giving each other the high-five. This was no less than a highly organized and orchestrated crime against the citizens of the United States for which not a single person was prosecuted nor served time. I view this as “ha ha we screwed you” arrogant bastardry personified.

2. After the implosion, the poor, sad, hurting banks then stood there with a shrug of the shoulders and a forlorn, needy look on their impish faces while holding out their tin cups as if they had zero knowledge of what had just occurred. They then reaped the benefits of bailout money from our government while our citizens continued to lose their homes, ended up out on the streets and received no form of monetary bailout whatsoever. The banks then turned around and gave all their executives big, fat inflated raises and turned significant profits that same year. Arrogant bastardry of the devious mind.

3. With the economy in one of the worst positions it has been in since the Depression, the housing market completely upside down, the unemployment rate skyrocketing exponentially, more children living below the poverty level in our country than a lot of 3rd world countries and families unable to keep a roof over their heads, the Republicans then begin to push for cuts to services for the elderly, the poor, the indigent in order to balance an out of control budget that has spent trillions of dollars on the War Machine. Arrogant bastardry with a blatant disregard for humanity.

4. Newt Gingrich, that Republican tower of moral terpitude who is now running for President of the United States, then tells the Occupy protestors to “go get a job and take a bath.” Wow. I’m left speechless with that one… Can you imagine this as our next President??? Despicable arrogant bastardry.

5. Fear begins to creep into the halls of the Robber Barons while the Occupy movement gains steam and begins to make a whole lot of sense to the masses of formerly complacent sheep who were used by these institutions to do their bidding. Out of this fear, a memo was written by Washington DC lobbyists to the American Bankers Association and proposes “the ABA pay CLGC $850,000 to conduct ‘opposition research’ on Occupy Wall Street in order to construct ‘negative narratives’ about the protests and allied politicians. The memo also asserts that Democratic victories in 2012 would be detrimental for Wall Street and targets specific races in which it says Wall Street would benefit by electing Republicans instead.” Deceitful, conniving, low-life, special interest arrogant bastardry.

6. While the Occupy protestors in Liberty Square stand up for Americans who have been continuously duped and robbed by these vile institutions of greed, the traders look down on them from the balconies above and toast them with champagne. The Royals being entertained by the Commoners? Wait, I thought we broke away from that centuries ago… Arrogant in-your-face entitlement bastardry.

7. Jaded news reports continue to classify the protestors as nothing more than “homeless slackers, anarchists and fascists who are looking for another handout.” Politically interest-controlled news agency arrogant bastardry.

8. Students on our UC campuses who are exercising their Constitutionally protected right to stand up and speak out for what they believe in, are met with brute force; beaten with batons and pepper sprayed while sitting arm-in-arm in peaceful protest. Criminal arrogant bastardry.

I am nothing less than fiery mad. Didn’t anyone ever warn you not to mess with a mama bear’s cubs? Well, look out…you just stepped in a big pile of bear dung.

I am so beside myself with anger after watching these unarmed, peaceful young adults at UC Davis become the brunt of testosterone-driven plebes of punishment who obviously own not one single cell of common sense that would urge them to “stop” regardless of the orders that came down from the top. I don’t care if God herself gave them the orders. If there were any decent neural pathway connecting the two sides of their primate skulls, they would have stood down and refused to use such force against a group that provided zero threat.

Yes, I am angry. There is nothing wrong with expressing anger if used in a constructive manner. I am going to continue to go out and stand in solidarity with all the other peaceful protesters who are brave enough to exercise their First Amendment rights. I will turn my back on the few bad apples who occasionally choose to turn to violence in order to make their point. What I have witnessed to this point is nothing less than groups of principled Americans who care about the welfare of other Americans and that is reason enough for me to take the same stand.

What does it take in this country to wake people up? What does it take to put a flame under the ass of complacency and set it on fire? If photos and video of peaceful protestors being beaten and ruthlessly sprayed in the eyes and in the mouth with life threatening chemicals doesn’t do it for you well then, step aside. You belong in the dung pile with all the other arrogant, unfeeling, unprincipled, self-absorbed, pathetic bastards who have chosen to quell the rights each one of us are entitled to as Americans…

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6 responses to “Arrogant Bastardry

  • Bill Tracy

    Careful, you’re going to ordinary bastardry a bad name here. What’s going on is evil, pure and simple. Well past time we stood up and named it.

    I’ve been campaigning against that Katehi character for over a year now:

    Her 1% pals steal money from poor students to pay her a half million dollars a year — and a $100k job for her husband — and a nice little mansion to live in at student expense. She IS the 1% and is making war on us through young people. She is despicable and should be put out with the rest of the garbage.

    I’m not surprised she’s the one who has arrogantly (and probably irreversibly) inflamed the pilot light of resistance that had been flickering so tenuously.

  • Madge

    Tracy, I so agree. It hurts my soul to see all this happening and I am not at peace with our country. I have lost faith with the US I love. I am angry as hell too and am doing all that I can as well. It makes me fear for my kids and grandkids and the rest of the children in this country. We have started something (baby boomers) that we will have to change too. We need to protest as we did in the 60’s before we became the bankers and traders that did all this. I am 63 and I would bet most of the minds behind these horrific crimes are my age. Sad what my world is leaving as a legacy.

  • Michael

    You tell ’em lady. I soooo agree. You left out the arrogant ones at our former school unfortunately. I’m also mad at schools who put money in front of education.

    Like many, I’m losing / lost all faith in our leaders who do nothing more than run their mouths blaming the other side of the isle for the problem. It’s time for a major change, and I hope it comes soon. Good peple can’t stand much more of this.

  • Donald Sanders

    I have been angry in the same way for most of my adult life.

  • Debra DeAngelo

    I am with you all the way… “arrogant bastardy”… love that!!! The video you embedded was outrageous!

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